Make Your House A Home 

Whether we in live a house or an apartment . We own it or we rent it, Home is where the heart is . I believe a home should reflect the personality of the person living in it … So It’s in your hands to make to your House a Home .

How To Personalize Your Home


Three things you have to keep in mind when personalizing your place are COLOR,FURNITURE and ACCESSORIES.

I am sharing some of my tips to make this process easy for you.


1. Paint your house in pleasant colors . This actually makes the place look bright and welcoming.

2. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors. Key is to use the color in moderation .

3. Dark colors make the place look small . Don’t paint the whole room in that color it will be overwhelming ..

4. Pick one wall in the room and paint your favorite color.This becomes your accent wall .

5. Then use curtains,cushions and other decorative accessories to match or compliment this paint color to get a coherent look.


For those who rent … We have no choice but to stick with the “builder beige” because most landlords don’t allow us to paint any colors . 

Actually beige is not a bad color at all … Most apartments are very small in square foot so beige actually brings the light in and makes it look bigger . 

Don’t be discouraged by the paint, you can still bring in color through furnishings like curtains , a bold colorful area rug, cushions, bedding etc  



1. Buy furniture that fit your place . Measure twice before you make the purchase.

2. Big clunky furniture blocks the flow of your room .

3. If you live in an apartment buy furniture that are multifunctional .Day bed ( divan) is my favorite you can dress them up with beautiful colorful cushions, they are extremely comfortable to take an afternoon nap and you can turn it into a guest bed in minutes. ottomans create additional seating and storage in your room .


5. They act as a coffee table or foot stool and store extra cushions and blanket . 

6.They come in beautiful patterns which add an extra depth of color to your room.


1. Things like vases , wall art , mirrors , candles , curtains, cushions and area rugs give a finishing touch . 

2. These are the key pieces of home decor which really show who you are .

3. Include things from your country that reflects your culture.

4. Display souvenirs from your travel. 

5. Display family photos.

6. Display art work or craft items that are made by you .

7. Hang huge decorative mirrors or a collage of frames to make a statement.

8. Don’t forget Fresh flowers and House plants … They are beautiful and provide good oxygen. 

9. Limit the things you want to display . Don’t clutter your place.

10. Don’t try to display them all at once. Rotate them every 4 or 6 months to give a fresh look.   

Now that you have successfully personalized your home you can happily call it “Home Sweet Home”

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  1. Awesome tips for personalizing our home. Images were so opt for your post. I believe fragrance and music can also add to our personal touch for making it as sweet home.

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  2. Very useful tips.One can decorate their house by following your suggestions.

    Liked by 2 people

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