Samosas are tasty Indian snack . It is a savory wheat pastry filled with mashed potatoes,peas and spices then deep fried in oil .We make many different kinds of samosas . The filling changes according to your taste.The choices are endless there are mixed veggie samosas,spinach and cheese samosas, paneer chili samosas,cauliflower samosas etc..

Somasi  is a crescent shaped sweet samosa filled with the mix of mashed chickpeas or garbanzo beans(Channa dhal), jaggery (brown sugar), grated coconut and chopped almonds, deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar.

The size of the samosas vary according to the occasion. If it is a tea time snack it is big.For parties we serve this as an appetizer.We don’t want guests to fill up on these so it comes in mini cocktail version. This is my personal favorite these are crispy and mouthwatering. It is not spicy ,the filling is very simple potatoes, peas, salt and pepper suitable for both kids and adults .. 

These crunchy, mini golden triangles are  served with many tasty dips like Masala chili sauce (spicy),Tamarind and Date sauce (sweet and sour) and Mint and Coriander sauce (tangy).Kids love to eat them with tomato ketchup.It is so delicious and addictive I bet you can’t stop with one. 

If you like to taste them it is very easy to make at home.Or you can get these in any Indian grocery. Kept in the frozen aisle.All you have to do is bring them to room temperature and deep fry it in oil … 

1. Remember to thaw it.(very important)

2. Make sure the oil is not too hot.(very important)

3. Frying them slowly in small batches in a medium flame gives the golden color and the crispy texture . 

4. Drain them in paper towel.

5. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before you serve it because the filling stays hot for sometime .

All the sauces/chutneys are available in any Indian grocery.

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  1. These are my favorite!! Makes me want some now.

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  2. Very yummy tea time snack. It’s my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

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