Rose Milk Popsicle

When summer comes everybody craves for a tasty summer treat.Generally Popsicles are made with fruit juices.In India we make ice pops with milk and cream. Rose milk is a summer drink which is very popular in India. I came up with some novel ways to serve it.


1.Milk  ….. 2 cups

2.Evaporated milk ……… 1 small can 

3.Rose syrup …… 2 tablespoons

4.vanilla extract……. 1 teaspoon 

5.Sugar …….. 2 tablespoons 

Heat up the milk ,add evaporated milk and sugar,keep it in a low flame until the sugar dissolves then add the syrup and vanilla extract mix it well.

Let this mix cool completely then pour it into the mould and  freeze it over night. Note :

1.If you don’t have evaporated milk you can use 2 tablespoons of milk powder( mama/ Kota) or eggless custard powder

2. Instead of rose syrup you can use two teaspoons of edible rose water or (essence) pink food coloring and increase the amount of sugar .


To make tasty almond flavor Popsicles just add 2 tablespoons of  instant almond flavor mix ( MTR badam drink mix ) or add a teaspoon of almond extract and yellow food color to the above mixture to make delicious Almond flavored  ice pops.


Buy good quality vanilla ice cream .. Let it melt a tiny bit and add a little bit of rose syrup and mix it well … Keep it in the freezer for at least a day ..( it takes time for the ice cream to refreeze )    

These homemade uniquely flavored summer treats will definitely  satisfy your warm weather cravings.

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  1. Gai3 says:

    Simple & yummy😋😋

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  2. wanted receipes to beat the heat

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  3. wanted receipes to be the heat

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  4. Yummy treat for this hot summer !!!

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