Masala Chai – Flavored Tea

We Indians really enjoy our tea time. Every household has a very special masala mix to spice up their tea. we always serve sweet and savory snacks with the tea like Samosas or Pakoras and very flavorful cookies made with almonds and pistachios.

Who wouldn’t like a good cup of tea after a long day at work. Sipping tea instantly soothes and relaxes you within seconds. Having tea is an experience in itself.


Many countries have special ceremonies just to savor tea. The variety, flavorings, temperature, strength and preparation of the tea varies from country to country. 
In our busy schedule we would make a quick cup of tea in the microwave and move on. But making tea is an art, the key is not to rush the process.

Let me walk you through the process of making tea  “The Indian Way “

  1. Pour 2 cups of water in a sauce pan,
  2.  let it come to a rolling boil 
  3. Add a tablespoon of tea ( If you like flavored tea this is the best time to add the flavorings)  
  4. let it simmer for a couple of minutes and switch off the stove. 
  5. Put the lid on the pan and let it steep for sometime for the flavors to meld.

Flavorings for Tea

* For best results add these flavorings while the tea is brewing 

 1. Cardamom tea …..add 2 or 3 crushed pods of cardamom

 2. Ginger tea ….add 1/2 inch piece of ginger ( grated)

3. Cinnamon tea ….add a stick of cinnamon  

4. Masala chai (tea) ….. slightly crush –

  • cardamom pods – 2
  • cloves – 2 
  • cinnamon – small piece 
  • Ginger – small piece 
  • Whole black pepper – 2 

We always have a powdered mix of these spices for our masala chai since we make this very often . 

Once it has released its flavor you can see the beautiful red color of the tea, this takes about 10 minutes, filter it and serve.  

This tea is strong so we like to add hot milk & sugar to make it tasty. 

I specially like to add sweetened Condensed milk (1 tbsp per cup) to my tea which acts like cream and sugar in one. It makes the tea so creamy and delicious. 

Vanilla Tea 


Have you ever tasted Vanilla tea? My friend from Mauritius introduced me to vanilla tea. It is delicious. Just add couple of drops of pure vanilla extract or a slit vanilla bean when the tea is brewing then add condensed milk to sweeten it.

This tea can be served hot or cold. On a hot summer day this chilled tea is so refreshing!

Lemon tea


If you like your Tea to be light  just reduce the amount of tea to 1 teaspoon per cup add your favorite flavorings pour hot boiling water, let it steep for sometime, filter it, add a slice of lemon and honey to sweeten it .

Although there are so many good brands of tea my favorite is Tetley, they make great varieties of tea. It comes in both bags and loose leaf tea. The aroma and the color of this tea is exquisite. 

Great accompaniment with this tea is Karachi Biscuits ( cookies) which is my personal favorite. They are not too sweet and comes in great flavors. 


Drinking tea has lots of health benefits,Tea contains antioxidants which boosts your immune system and it’s a great home remedy for common colds and sore throat.

Storing Tea

Try to buy tea in small packs. Tea loses its flavor if it’s kept for a long time and you won’t get the desired color. If you prefer buying big packs then keep some in an air tight container for daily use and store the rest in the freezer in a ziplock bag to maintain the freshness.

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  1. Masala Vegan says:

    Karachi Biscuits bring back so many memories of dunking them into hot and cold drinks, growing up! Thanks 😀

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  2. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. The light version would be perfect for me and I will be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing, Chloe.

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  3. Leyla says:

    I love Indian teas! They are so aromatic😊

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  4. It’s mouth watering. I have to give a try for Vanilla Tea. Great going. Keep blogging and keep rocking …. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Felt as if i drank piping hot tea.

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