Magnetic Frames 

My kids bring a lot of art work from school and I love to display them on my fridge. I made these magnetic frames to display them in a very artsy way.  

Things you need..

1. Card stock paper in different colors

2. Light weight Frames made of plastic, cardboard or wood .

3. Note cards or art cards 

4. Magnetic sheet 

5. Glue stick ,Glue gun or double sided adhesive tape .

Cut the card stock paper to fit your frame and paste the note card in the center . 

Cut the magnetic sheet into strips and glue it on the back of the frame using a glue gun or double sided adhesive tape. 

Trim the edges to make sure your insert is tiny bit smaller than the frame to expose a magnetic border. This helps it stick nicely to the fridge . 

These cute frames look so good on your fridge and it’s easy to change the inserts to display arts cards,post cards or photos. 

These pre made frames are available in any craft store. If you can’t find them you can cut one out of cardboard and paint it in different colors.

During the holiday season everybody gets lots of greeting cards from family members this will be an awesome way to display them in a organized way .

You can make the frames in different sizes to create a theme or a beautiful collage and display them all in one place.

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  1. These are great! Will def make some of these 🙂

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