Clutch Decor

I love evening bags they are beautiful and they add an extra pop of color to your outfit. Every girl would want a fancy clutch but these are expensive. So I found a wonderful way to jazz it up . 

This clutch is beautiful right ! I got this from India. Let me show you how easy it is to design this at home . 

All you need is rhinestone chain a huge gem or a button and a glue gun. You can change it from BASIC to BEAUTIFUL in a matter of minutes ….   

Let me show you how I changed my plain black purse into this beautiful evening bag.

Can you believe I have used a strip of vinyl place mat to add a pop of color to this clutch.

Use your creative skills to personalize it using Beads,Craft appliqués, Rhinestones etc …  This way you get to have your own unique designer purses in any color to match every single outfit in your closet for a fraction of the cost. 

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      1. Wow.wonderful.looks cute and elegant.

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      2. hai your idea is really good.

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