High Impact DIY

Sometimes when you are looking for the perfect set of art for your walls and you don’t find it in stores , don’t be disappointed. Art is something which is very easy to personalize. 

I saw this set of wall art in a store. It had a shabby chic finish but I loved the pattern so I bought it, then changed the colors by using vibrant acrylic paint to give this panel of art a New Look.

Let me show you how I’ve personalized this set of wall art to go with the decor of my home. 

Canvas # 1 

Canvas # 2

Canvas # 3

Canvas # 4

This is how it originally looked when I hung it on the wall. Since it had a cream color background, it literally camouflaged with my beige wall. I didn’t want to return it, so decided to do some DIY. 


Look at the dramatic difference. The design literally pops out now, all I did was painted the background  in black and the patterns in vibrant Colors and drew a thin border with the metallic colors, it looks really beautiful when light shines on it. 


These colorful panel of art makes a great impact. I have hung this in my entry way and everyone who visits my home asks me where I got this . It’s very hard for them to believe I’ve personalized it to suit my home decor. 

So get creative. Buy some acrylic paint and make something unique. You can also buy plain ready to hang canvas and draw your own patterns too.

Things You Need 

I have used Gold , Copper, Silver, Black, Red and Green colors. Since it was a stretched canvas on a frame I had to paint all 4 sides too, It took weeks for me to finish all 4 panels. It was time consuming but I was very happy with the outcome. You need lots of patience but painting is very therapeutic if you love it. 

The original art was by a wonderful artist named Sapna.

All rights reserved ©savvysouthindian.com


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  1. aimzchats says:

    SO pretty *heart eyes emoji*, in love! x

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  2. elliebleu says:

    I love the use of bold colors! I’ve done this before to match my home décor. Its such a fun project to work on.

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    1. Thank you ! I really enjoyed doing this project too !

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  3. Loved your work…😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much !

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  4. Wonderful …….. Loved your crafts …….

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