Sparkling Summer Coolers – Mangoade and  LimeO’nade 

Summer is here, I can’t wait to make  something cool to drink. Mangoade and Sparkling LimeO’nade are the classic thirst quenchers I make at home to beat the heat! 

Green Mango Cooler – Mangoade 

Homemade Sparkling LimeO’nade

Sparkling Limonade ©

Let me show you how I make these tantalizing summer coolers.

In India, summer is very hot…so we stock up our fridge with lots of fresh juices and ready made coolers, this is one of them.

Mangoes are in abundance during the summer time, We eat them raw, ripe and make so many things out of them. This particular drink is to make use of the raw green mangoes.

It’s boiled,filtered and added with sugar syrup and spices to make a juice concentrate and its readily available in stores to make your life easy, this is called Aam Panna or Mango Panna (mangoade) This green mango cooler is my all time favorite. 

Here is how you make it….

Fill the glass with lots of ice…

Pour the juice…Top it with a tiny bit of sparking water ( plain soda) to create an effervescence and enjoy ..

I’m telling you it’s sooooo can drink this all day long. 

Doesn’t this look refreshing…

So, when the season gives you mangoes make mangoade.

Limes + Lemons = Sparkling LimeO’nade 

When it comes to thirst quenchers, nothing beats the homemade limeO’onade. 

You thought I misspelled lemonade right, Let me tell you how I came up with that name…

We all know that Lemonades are made with lemons and Limeade is made with limes. Since I have used both of them, I’m calling mine LimeO’nade.

This drink is a mix of limes and lemons topped with some sparkling water to create an effervescence, How refreshing is that?

Let me show you how to make my version of it .

I’m going to give you the exact amount of juice, water and sugar to make it easy for you, this eliminates the constant taste testing we do to make sure it tastes fine. 

For half a cup of juice you need 3 limes and 2 lemons. 

Wash them nicely, Roll the lemons and limes on the cutting board with your palm. This yields lots of juice and it’s easy to squeeze.

Keep some lemon and lime slices on the side to add it later.

I always have a eye for handy kitchen gadgets when I go shopping. I found this very handy lemon squeezer, It fits nicely on top of any drinking glass or a cup. It filters the seeds but let’s the pulp through. It is nice and small it fits in your kitchen tool drawer perfectly. 

Now the juice is ready, we have to make the simple syrup.

Sugar takes a long time to dissolve in cool drinks. So, I always have a jar of simple syrup in my fridge during summer time. It comes in very handy when you make juices or ice teas.

Now let’s mix the limeO’nade! 

 This is my ratio ..

  • 1/2 cup lime + lemon juice
  • 1 cup of simple syrup
  • 2 cups of water 
  • 1 cup of sparkling water (plain soda)

Pour the juice through a sieve, add the syrup and the water. 

Don’t forget to add these lemon and lime slices before you refrigerate it , This literally gives so much flavor.

Once the limeO’nade is chilled…Top it with sparkling water ( plain soda) just before you serve it.

It creates this bubbly effervescence to the limonade which makes it so refreshing. 

The key to make any drinks taste better is ice. Always fill 1/2 of the glass with ice and pour the drinks on top . It truly makes a big difference, When ice melts it brings down the tartness of the juice and make it perfect for your palate.

Pour the limonade …

And garnish it with lemon and lime slices.

And Enjoy ! Mmm … sooooo refreshing! 

These drinks are great for summer parties and picnics. They are such a crowd pleaser! We never hit the beach without these tasty drinks! 

So, from now on ..When  you have lemons and limes make LimeO’nade 🙂

This is my board walk favorite..


It’s a sweet and spicy Mexican summer cooler made with fruit flavored shaved ice topped with Chamoy sauce (made with apricots) and doused with chili powder … Sweet , sour and spicy. It tasted amazing! 

It comes in so many flavors like, mango , pineapple, Apple, tamarind, berry etc. I have tasted every single one of them and it’s so hard to pick a favorite. It tastes so divine!  

If you have never tasted any of these summer coolers, Do try it! Have a great summer! 🔆

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  1. The green mango cooler sounds divine! 🍈

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    Refreshing and cool!!

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  4. Really refreshing…

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