Easter Party Ideas – Easy Spring Crafts 

Spring is here that means, Easter is just around the corner! For all those moms and grandmas who are looking forward to host an Easter party, you have stopped at the right place! I have put together some unique ideas to make your party a big success! 

A good friend of mine asked me if I could co-host an Easter party with her, I happily said yes! she is taking care of the egg hunt, egg coloring and the food. Here is what I’m in charge of, buying party favors, setting the table scape, kid friendly crafts and some homemade treats, I’m so thrilled to be a part of this fun event. 

Let me get to work …. 

The first thing on my list is the party favors! So went in search of some unique treats to fill their candy basket!

 Tada! I hit a big jackpot! Look what I found …. Emoji chocolate coins !!!!! 

My next pick is Lindt’s Lindor Easter special- Egg Chocolates, look how colorful they are! And they taste amazing! 

I’m sure the kids are going to love these emoji coins! Seriously, who could resist these luscious Belgian chocolate coins! Look how cute they are! 

When it comes to treats, I always prefer quality over quantity. These taste far better than the ones from the party supply store. We all know kids indulge on these chocolates so why not buy the best? 

I put them in a beautiful bowl for the display, Looks amazing! right ? This is going to be my center piece!

These milk chocolate coin literally melts in your mouth, The egg chocolate comes in assorted flavors. My kids particularly go for the turquoise blue one because it tastes like cookies and cream😀

The chocolate part is done…Let’s move on to other party favors and table scape.

I love these thin glitter foam sticker cutouts, it comes in so many shapes and colors. Kids can do so many things with it, so I picked these as one of their favors..

This is a sample of how I’m going to set the table scape…. Doesn’t this look fun and colorful ? 

Since it’s a spring theme, I chose these glitter flowers as coasters to rest my chocolate cups.

Kids love stuffed toys so I bought these beanies instead of a traditional chocolate bunny. Oh so cute ! Look at those eyes, The bunny on the left has that naughty look as if he is just waiting for me to move away from the table so he could quickly grab one chocolate egg and hop away! Adorable !!!! 

I can’t wait to see the kids reaction when they see these favors. Each kid gets to take home the soft bunny, the glitter flower and the chocolate cup filled with emoji coins and eggs. 

Let me tell you a little bit more about the glitter foam…

You can buy them as sheets or as cutouts in so many vibrant colors and it comes with a adhesive back, Even better right! 

You can also use your cookie cutters to trace the shapes and cut them out..Mickey, Minnie, stars, flowers, hearts, snowflakes, the options are endless . 

You can also buy them precut in different shapes and colors from any craft supply stores or online.

Kids can use them in so many different ways 

They can make really beautiful wall art with glitter cutouts of birds or butterflies in different shapes and colors and stick them on the wall, behind their bed or above their desk in a beautiful group as if they are flying, it makes a stunning wall art, you can use stars and hearts as well. 

This is how my kids use them, as name tags…

 They stick this on the Folders, on their door, Gift bags, School bag and Lunch tote. 

They even use this as a mouse pad, coasters and place mats. How fun is that? 

Believe me kids go crazy for them, it is the best way to bedazzle anything! 

Now let’s move on to the craft part …. 

I’m teaching these little kids how to make a fun, spring themed wall art as take home gifts. 

Me and my girls made some for our home . Let me show you how to make these with gift wrap and appliqués.

  1. Cut the wrapping paper and glue it on the card that comes with the frame or you can cut one using card stock paper. 
  2. Make sure the sides are covered so it has a finished look. 
  3. Use glue or tape to secure it, make sure there is no wrinkles. 
  4. Now stick appliqué flowers or the glitter cutouts. 
  5. Put the insert, the back and secure it. 

Make each one in a different design and hang them horizontally and vertically, this way you can a make a beautiful collage. 

You can easily change this to fit any themes, fall, winter, spring, Halloween…. The sky is the limit.

Look how cute they are…. 

For older girls, Here is another sample of wrapping paper wall art… let me walk you through the process. 

  1. Cut out a background using card stock paper or poster to fit the frame in any color you want. 
  2. Now cut the wrapping paper a tiny bit smaller than the background so that it shows a thin border. 
  3. Glue it to the background. 
  4. We used craft gems in different colors and shapes to bedazzle and highlight the design. 
  5. Then put this in a frame… Now it’s ready to hang where ever you want. How easy is that? 

Doesn’t this look awesome! 

Notes : 

  1. Keep in mind, the gems are not thin. 
  2. If the frame is not deep enough you wont be able to fit the back
  3.  you can either hang it without the plexi glass in the front 
  4. or instead of the clips on the frame just use masking tape to secure the back. 

We made these personalized wall art at home for the fraction of the cost. I bet these cost a lot if you buy them ready made from any stores. 

The best part is you can personalize this for your boys, girls, any room or any theme you want, easy to change and very cost effective. 

Where to get these fun supplies?

These frames are from Ikea, ($1.50) it comes in so many colors.

*The best thing is, These are kid friendly if you are planing to hang these in a nursery or the kids bedroom. 

They are light weight, instead of glass they either has a thin transparent plastic sheet or plexiglass. 

I found these fun wrapping papers in Target’s ( $1 bin)

These appliqués and glitter flowers are from Michaels. ($3.00 per pack)

Alright the craft is done, let me show you a sneak peak of the treats I’m making for them.

These are kid friendly, healthy and nut free brownie bites topped with chocolate chips and toffee bites. 

Who doesn’t love these ooey gooey fudgy bites. Yum yum ! 

The minute I saw these spring themed paper plates, I have to use them in my picture ! Look how beautiful and colorful it is! 

Aww.….you guys! I know you are all excited but I’m not posting the recipe now, The post is already very long so …

Stay tuned for the recipe! 😜

I just finished setting up this small easter themed display at my home, my kids love it! They are so happy they can take one chocolate anytime! 

Hope I gave some good ideas to throw an awesome Easter party! Don’t forget to show this post to your kids, they will really enjoy seeing all these pictures, My kids had fun helping me with all the preparations. Thank you for stopping by and reading this extra long post! 

🌷Happy Spring🌷 

🌾🐣 Happy Easter 🐰🌾

Easter traditions

In many cultures egg symbolizes life, fertility and rebirth. As an Easter tradition kids involve in fun egg related activities.

Egg Hunt

  1. It is a tradition which is followed in so many countries during the time of Easter.
  2.  It is a fun activity specially done for the kids. Churches, local community centers, parks and country farms host these events in every city. 
  3. Kids dress up formally for this event, Girls dress up in pretty dresses and beautiful hats, boys dress up in shirts and bow ties. 
  4. They bring a basket to collect the eggs which are scattered throughout the arena, these colorful plastic eggs are filled with, candy, small toys and trinkets. 

Egg coloring/ decoration

Children are given hard boiled eggs and bowls of food coloring,they dye the eggs first by dipping them in their favorite color, then decorate them by painting designs on it. 

Egg rolling

Kids roll hard boiled eggs with a long wooden spoon to the finish line. 

I have taken my daughters for these events and they had a blast! This time we are so excited to throw our own Easter party !




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  1. Great ideas! I’m having my four little Afghan friend (kids) over for their first Easter celebration! 😉

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  2. Charisse Colbert says:

    Hello there, I am looking forward to that fudgy chocolate chip, toffee chip recipe. Your simple floral arrangement of forsythia in the blue & white vase is quite pretty. I use to have a forsythia bush in my yard when I lived in Washington state.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Charisse! Sure, I will post the recipe soon. 😀. I love forsythia blossoms the lovely yellow color just brings spring inside your home! Thanks again for the wonderful feedback.
      Happy Easter !

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  3. Sabrina Love says:

    Great post Latha. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter do you and your beloved ones! 😍

    Sabrina 🍍💚 | http://www.OrganicIsBeautiful.com

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    1. Thank you so much Sabrina! 😀


  4. wonderful post and so apt for this week!

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  5. PriyaPandian says:

    Wonderful post Latha 👍 Colorful Easter treat and awesome presentation. Loved it ☺️

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    1. Thank you Priya! 😃

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  6. Oh you are welcome Lisa! 😀


  7. Wow-i want invite to this party. Looks like fun

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  8. kethuprofumo says:

    Wonderful & very delicious! Thanks for these ideas and Happy Easter Time!

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    1. Thank you! Wishing you the same! 😊

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  9. InspiresN says:

    Great post Latha, enjoyed reading it, wonderful ideas for easter , especially loved the belgian chocolate coins and lindor eggs!Thanks for sharing, All the decos look awesome!

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    1. Thank you so much! 😊


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