Chow Chow Kichadi – Chayote Chutney

Apart from the traditional coconut chutney and sambar, we also make delectable kichadis to go with our dosas and idlis. It’s a type of chutney that is tangy and spicy and It can be made with a variety of veggies like Chayote, Bottle gourd, Eggplants and Ridge gourd. This recipe is made with chayote which is called chow chow in my home town. I like to serve this kichadi especially with idli, Which is basically a steamed rice dumpling flavored with salt. Since there is not much flavor in them, I really like to dunk them in this flavorful kichadi. It literally soaks up the flavors like a sponge and makes it unbelievably delicious!!


Idli soaked in kichadi – Doesn’t this look so appetizing?

Serves : 4


  • Chowchow (chayote) – 2
  • Green chilies – 3 or 4
  • Tamarind pulp – 1 tablespoon
  • Asafetida – 1/4 teaspoon

For the seasoning

  • Small onions (shallots) – 6 or 1 medium size onion
  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Curry leaves – few
  • Oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon
  • Chopped Coriander leaves for garnish

*Mashed paruppu (lentils) – 2 tablespoons (optinal)

* I always have a little bit of leftover paruppu ( toor dal or moong dal) from the afternoon lunch, I add it to this kichadi which thickens it and makes it very tasty but it’s totally optional.

Let’s do the prep

  1. Peel the Chowchow take the white seed out and thinly slice them in small pieces.
  2. Wash and drain and keep it aside.
  3. Slice the onion and keep all the seasonings ready.

  • Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan add the chilles, sliced Chowchow and asafetida, sauté them for a couple of seconds.

  • Add 2 cups of water, make sure its enough to submerge the Chowchow. Cover it with a lid and let it cook for couple of minutes.
  • Only after the chow chow is cooked, translucent and soft add the salt and tamarind pulp, mix it well and let it simmer for a minute.
  • Take it off the heat and let it cool for sometime.

  • Now use a salted spoon and scoop out just the Chowchow and green chilies,Put in a blender and blend it until it’s smooth (you can also keep it slightly chunky)
  • Remember to reserve the liquid which we are going to to add it later. I purposely didn’t add the hot liquid since it splatters when you blend it.

  • In a clean pan heat oil add mustard seeds and curry leaves, once it pops, add the sliced onion and sauté it until it’s translucent.
  • Now pour the reserved liquid, the Chowchow pulp and the paruppu and mix it well.
  • Keep in a low flame for a few couple of minutes so that the flavors get to meld nicely.
  • If you think the consistency of the chutney is thick you can always add hot water to dilute it and let it simmer for sometime.
  • Taste it and add more salt if needed.
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves and it’s ready to be served with crispy dosas or soft idlis.

In my household we like to eat our idlis soaked in this hot kichadi with a drizzle a of sesame oil or ghee on top. Oh, It’s absolutely delicious and satisfying and I could eat this anytime of the day!!

This Kichadi can also be made with bottle Gourd, eggplants and ridge Gourd.

  • If you are making kichadi with kathrikkai, surrakkai or peerkangai just peel and slice no need to remove the seeds and follow the same cooking procedure.
  • Some varieties of ridge Gourd and bottle Gourd are slightly bitter so always make sure you taste them before you cook them.
  • Each one has a different taste and texture. It is such a yummy side dish which goes so well with upmas and other types of dosas too.

Idlis and dosas are a staple in South Indian households. We literally eat them for breakfast and dinner. To make every meal interesting, we make varieties of chutney. This kichadi is a healthy alternative and it’s the best way to add vegetables and a little bit of protein into your everyday diet. To me, this is comfort food at its best!




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  1. Jyoti Rao says:

    Very well explained recipe! Loved it!

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  2. Reema says:

    wow… this is something i wasn’t aware of! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Such a healthy dish and best way to eat veggies and less carbs!

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  4. angirablog says:

    Looks delicious 👍👍👍

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  5. Ramyarecipes says:

    It’s new to me looks creamy and colorful texture.. 😊👍

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